JUNCKERS DENMARK | Launching New Refurbishment Concept!


The building industry is among the largest consumers of raw materials and emitters of greenhouse gases. In Denmark alone, 31% of our material footprint and 17% of the total CO2 footprint originates from the building industry. Today only 1% of building materials are reused.

Source: The Circularity Gap Report Denmark, 2023

This is an issue Junckers wishes to address with our new recycling concept.

Junckers now offers a circular service where used Junckers floorboards can be returned to our factory. Here, the floorboards are reprocessed according to company specifications to ensure high quality and a fully functional floor when reinstalled.

This service is currently aimed at stakeholders in the construction industry who want to work with Junckers to deliver sustainable building materials and reduce waste and minimize the use of new resources.

When the floors are refurbished, Junckers offers a renewed warranty. This provides peace of mind that the refurbished floors fulfil the same quality standards as new floors.

We estimate more than 30 million m² of Junckers beech flooring installed on the Danish market, thereby presenting a huge potential of minimizing the constraints on virgin resources.

Are you located in Denmark and interested in knowing more about the concept? Find further details on Junckers' Refurbished Floors (Danish).

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