Turning Tables and Spaces: How Junckers' Flooring Serves as a Foundation for Creative Youth


Turning Tables Danmark is at the forefront of empowering children and young people, aiming to bring a fresh wave of creativity to Danish cultural life.

. In 2023, this mission took a significant step forward with the opening of Kulturlab Kapellet—a creative, youth-driven hub for art and culture in Copenhagen. Here, young Copenhageners immerse themselves in music, film, and photography, guided by professional artists from Turning Tables.

Kulturlab Kapellet is housed in a historic building dating back to 1868. Originally a chapel, it has served as a cultural platform for over 20 years. Today, it features a grand hall and several smaller rooms designed for focused artistic work, equipped with professional photo, film, and music studios. These spaces not only support individual creativity but also facilitate community activities like exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, and debates.

"Our activities are open to all young people aged 12 to 26 in Copenhagen, with a special focus on those who feel excluded from conventional communities," explains Mads Oustrup, one of the key figures behind Turning Tables Danmark. "It's about what art and culture can do for young people, and equally, what young people can contribute to art and culture in Denmark."

A pivotal element in transforming the historic chapel into a functional and beautiful performance space has been the installation of the Black Oak Boulevard solid oak plank floor, sponsored by Junckers. "The sponsorship of the Junckers' flooring has been crucial," says Oustrup. "It allowed us to respectfully and beautifully transform the large, old chapel hall into a stunning and functional performance room."

The new floor serves as the foundation for a wide range of creative activities. "The floor is the base for the young people's creative work with film, photography, and music recordings, as well as performances, dance, concerts, film screenings, exhibitions, and much more," Oustrup elaborates. This versatile space now plays a critical role in supporting the artistic endeavours of Copenhagen's youth.

Kulturlab Kapellet stands as a testament to how thoughtful renovations can breathe new life into historic buildings, making them vibrant centres of community and creativity. Through the support of Junckers and the vision of Turning Tables Danmark, Kulturlab Kapellet has become a cornerstone for a group of young creatives, hopefully fostering a new generation of artists in Denmark.

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